An unforgettable taste
in a bite

Crispy, rich and fluffy.

Born in Hokkaido,
freshly baked daily in-store.
Every single BAKE Cheese Tart is crafted
with our passion and the finest ingredients, in pursue of perfection.

Fluffy Cheese Mousse

The fluffy texture of our mousse is made from our original blend of cream cheese with a well-balanced creaminess and refreshing tartness, and finely-tuned to perfection with a hint of salt.

Double-baked Crust

The secret to our crispy tart crust is our original blend of flour and “double-bake” baking method. Each crust is baked once and then baked one more time upon adding in our cheese mousse filling.



250 yen(tax incl.)


1,446 yen(tax incl.)

Product contains milk/wheat/egg/rennet
Soft-serve ice-cream is available at certain stores.

There are 4 different ways to enjoy our cheese tarts.


    Enjoy them as it is

    Best consumed fresh within the same day of purchase.


    Enjoy them chilled

    Chill them in the fridge and enjoy the cheese tart like a chilled cheesecake.


    Enjoy them frozen

    Put them in you freezer and enjoy it like creamy cheese ice-cream tart.

  • WARM

    Re-heat them with a toaster oven

    Warm them up with a toaster oven to enjoy them just like they were freshly baked.

Kindly consume them immediately upon purchase. If not, please refridgerate them to maintain freshness.

Our Cheese Tart IsThe Real Deal


We take pride in crafting each and every cheese tart with 3 core principles

  • Only the finest curated ingredients

    Only the finest curated ingredients

    We curate and purvey the finest ingredients locally and across the borders with our strictest quality controls at the highest standards to enable us to craft the quality and best tasting pastries and sweets.

  • Time and effort

    Time and effort

    Delicious pastries and sweets is a blend of our hearts and skills. With no compromise in time and effort, we put in more to sweets crafting than anyone else in the industry.

  • Only the freshest from the oven

    Only the freshest from the oven

    Our cheese tarts are never left overnight. We bake them fresh daily, making sure you only get the freshest batch of great tasting cheese tarts.


From logo, to shop design, every detail reflects our commitment to quality cheese tarts.

  • About the logo

    About the logo

    Inspired by our "in-store factory" and how it all combines with our store-front, we gave our logo clean simple lines that symbolizes our simple dream and commitment in crafting the best BAKE Cheese Tarts.

  • Why an "in-store factory"?

    Why an "in-store factory"?

    We realised that pastries and sweets tasted best at the factory, and wanted to share this unforgettable taste with everyone. Besides freshness, we thought that the factory would provide you a glimpse to the real action behind the cheese tarts you've purchased.


Company Name
Support Center (Head Office)
108-0071 Japan Kowa-shirokanedai bldg. 3-19-1 Shirokanedai Minato-ku Tokyo
Established in
1 January 2018 (Founded in 16 April 2013)
Business Area
Manufacture and sale of confectionery / Commerce service / Media Management